About VeggiePets.com

Proudly serving our customers since 2003!

It's hard to believe VeggiePets.com is almost 20 years old!! We've come a long way since we drove all the way from Portsmouth to Sheffield to get the first stock, about 8 bags of dog food and some biscuits! 

We've grown from a back room, pocket-money start-up with a few bags and boxes of goods, to a team working from our warehouse full of pallets of food and treats that we deliver to thousands of customers all over the UK.

It's been an interesting journey with some tough decisions and many sacrifices, but we believe in what we do - ethics are at the heart of our business and customers can be sure that we see their decision to spend money with us as an investment in us. We will repay that by continually improving and expanding what we do.

Who shops at VeggiePets.com?

Many of our customers have been with us for years, some since the first weeks of our business.

From all over the UK and from all walks of life, from Home Counties mansions to canal boats in Norfolk, from swanky apartments in Edinburgh to cosy cottages in Wales. They are doctors, professors, builders, artists, car mechanics, entrepreneurs, students, advertising executives, homemakers, newsreaders, farmers and one or two old-school hippies! 

From all faiths and none. From all age groups from late teens to those in their 80s. 

Mainly vegans and vegetarians for ethical and/or religious reasons, but also many people who are recommended to try us because their dog experiences severe intolerance to meat and dairy.  We have also seen a growing number of people with concerns for the environment, who want to reduce their furry friend's 'carbon pawprint' by avoiding conventional meat-based pet foods.    

There really is no 'typical customer' and we enjoy the great variety of people we meet!

Thanks to our customers!

The VeggiePets.com Team would like to thank everyone who has decided to give us a try and come back time and time again over these years. We really value your custom and your continued support has allowed us to keep developing our business, and achieve more each year. We promise in return we will keep striving to provide the very best service we can.