Vegan Cats

Despite common belief, cats can and have been thriving on plant-based foods for many years!

The commercially produced vegan cat foods such as those stocked here on have been carefully formulated to fulfil the nutritional needs of these naturally carnivorous animals.

Complete foods have been created to honour their dietary requirements, sourcing vital vitamins and amino acids and putting them together in a blend of plant-based ingredients in a bioavailable form.

A number of studies and articles exist to show sufficient bioavailability of cereals and vegetables for cats and like nearly all complete cat foods including meat inclusive foods, vitamin and minerals are added to help reach recommended levels. 

These include synthetic Taurine, Vitamin A and Arachadonic Acid, three of the nutrients cats can not synthsize on their own nor obtain from wild vegetables or cereals. A cats ancestors would have obtained these directly from their prey, hence their 'obligate carnivore' label.

Thanks to science, those ingredients can be obtained in far easier, ethical and cost effective ways which is why most pet foods use the same vegan Taurine.