Ami Vegan Dog Food Mini & Toys 3kg

Front of a bag of Ami Mini and Toys vegan dog food

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Ami Vegan Dog Food Mini & Toys 3kg

from Ami

Small Sized vegan dog food from Ami.

Specifically designed for miniature and toy breeds of dogs, this nutritionally complete dry dog food has been designed with small dogs in mind.
With little bite-sized pieces, and nutrient dense, this food packs in all the plant-based nutrition a small dog needs for good everyday health.

Made with a wheat-free recipe, this food is suitable for dogs who may suffer from wheat sensitivities.

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  • Nutritional Info

    Corn Gluten, Corn, Rice, Peas, Sunflower Seed Meal, Corn Oil, Hydrolysed Vegetable Proteins, Minerals

    Analytical Constituents: 
    Crude Protein 26.00%, Crude Fat 12%, Crude Fibre 3.5%, Crude Ash 4.00%

    Nutritional Additives per Kg: 
    Vitamin A 21,000 IU, Vitamin D3 1,500 IU, Iodine 2mg (Coated Granulated Calcium Iodate, Anhydrous 3.08g), Copper 6.4mg, (Copper [II] Sulphate Pentahydrate 25.12mg, Copper [II] Chelate of Protein Hydrolyses 32mg) Manganese 25.4mg (Manganous Sulphate, Monohydrate 78.2mg), Zinc 75mg (Zinc Sulphate, Monohydrate 205.5mg, Zinc Chelate of Protein Hydrolysates 572.5mg), Selenium 0.05mg (Selenised Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisae CNCM I-3060, Inactivated 22.75mg).

  • Feeding Guide
    Weight of Dog:
    Daily Food:

    The above information serves as a guideline only - quantities may vary depending on age, breed and activity levels.

  • Usage Info

    When introducing your dog to Ami, do so gradually over a period of 7 days, slowly replacing the old food with Ami.

    The food may be served dry or lightly moistened with warm water.

    Ensure there is always a bowl of fresh water available.

  • Disclaimer
    If you purchase any of the foods and they are not to your pet’s tastes, we are unable to refund you. Just like with people, animals have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and as with any consumable item you purchase at your own risk. If you are in doubt as to whether or not your pet will find the food palatable, we suggest ordering the smallest size available of the food. We sell samples and single units of most of the foods.
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    David Nicholson

    My 7 month puppy absolutely loved these. Tried him with a few just to see if he could handle the size of the nuggets and he was fine with them. Being a complete protein is reassuring aswell, just so I know he's not missing out.

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Front of a bag of Ami Mini and Toys vegan dog food

Ami Vegan Dog Food Mini & Toys 3kg

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