Be Nice Policy

Our staff are committed to our 'Be Nice Policy' as a model of ‘acceptable conduct’ and we ask that customers follow this model too. It’s really simple:

Be Nice Policy 

Be polite

Be patient

Be reasonable

Be responsible

Be honest

We have a small friendly team here that really wants you to have a nice and easy experience when you shop with us. We try really hard to make things perfect, but occasionally things don’t go as planned. Whenever that happens we are just as disappointed as our customers and we want to get things fixed as fast as we can. We are here to help! 

If you need to speak to us about anything, you don’t have to worry about calling a faceless corporation and being sent down a maze of opinions and automated messages.

Our customer service is made from 100% REAL HUMANS! 

If you have a question about a product you are interested in our team will listen and do their best to offer you honest and unbiased advice and guidance.

If there has been a problem with your delivery that needs urgent attention, or a product is faulty, our team will take ownership of any mistakes at our end without a fuss. We will endeavour to put things right as fast as we can and we will always act fairly and reasonably. 

We’ve been looking after our customers for almost 20 years now. Everyone who had a delivery go wrong has had our complete attention and support to get it sorted. Everyone who has ever deserved a refund has had it without a fuss. So don’t worry if you need us to sort out a problem, we’re on your side. We won't be satisfied until you are :-)

Nothing gets done faster or better
By shouting or swearing!

Forms of unacceptable conduct include verbally abusing our staff, threats, ultimatums, dishonesty, etc. You get the idea, not being nice!!

Sadly, on rare occasions over the last couple of decades we have had to deal with some extreme behaviour such as this, which if it persists, results in a lifetime ban - we refuse any future orders. It never really needs to be like that if we can all just ‘Be Nice’ to each other :-)