Your Exciting New Service!

Your Exciting New Service!

As part of our mission to create a more streamlined and efficient service, we have moved our packing premises!

With this, we'll be ironing out some of the issues we've previously experienced.

To give you an idea of what to expect at we'd like to inform you of some new changes.

1. Same-day dispatch for orders placed before 1 pm!

Once we have fully transitioned to our new warehouse, we will excitedly implement this new service. 

2. Quick fulfilment = less time for order changes!

By having orders fulfilled quickly, it means that there is less time for change. So please make sure you are happy with your order before you checkout! Double and triple-check before heading to payment to make sure.

If you've noticed an error in placing your order, please call us ASAP and if your order has not already been processed, we'll see if we can make any changes.

But please note, unless this is in the immediate time after order placement, it will be unlikely we can make these changes.

3. 30kg Parcel Weight Limit

For many years we have offered a 30kg weight limit meaning that you could pack 2 x 15kg bags of food into one box.

However, with a 15kg bag weighing around 15.3kg on average plus additional weight from packaging, this took the parcels containing 2 bags over the weight limit. This meant that we were incurring extortionate costs in 'overweight charges'!

You may have already noticed that we now split such orders into 2 boxes.

From now on with our new system in place, you will need to select the 2 parcel delivery option if your goods exceed the weight limit.

We know many of you order in this manner, so to make things a little easier, we will be lowering the cost of the 2-parcel delivery option :-)

4. Change in location and procedure for in-person collections

We're waving goodbye to our roots in Havant and are moving to a more professional setting in Gosport.

Because of the system changes, we'll need you to call 24 hours ahead of time at the location of our new premises to arrange a time for collection.

Orders MUST be placed online in advance, you will be unable to do this in person.

If you wish to collect from the warehouse, you can do so by taking the following steps:

1. Place your order online at 

2. Call 02380 64 33 86 to provide your 24-hour notice and arrange collection of your order.
Have your order details to hand including your order number.

3. Collect your order at the arranged date and time at the following address:

Cloud Fulfilment Ltd
Unit 620
Fareham Reach
Fareham Road
PO13 0FW

5. More delivery options

In addition to Royal Mail and DPD we are now introducing the new option of EVRi!

We know everyone has their preferences for couriers and to accommodate different budgets we're hoping that introducing a new service to you gives you more of a choice when it comes to how and when you receive your order.

With the new inclusion of EVRi, you now have an alternative courier to provide you with cheaper 'Standard' and 'Next Day' delivery options.

As part of our mission to be able to provide ethical alternatives to all, we wanted to be able to offer more options at an affordable price. In addition to including a new affordable courier, we have also reduced our prices on most of our DPD options.

6. Take control of your delivery

For many years we have provided the service of manually inputting your delivery instructions for every order. Understandably this is quite laborious and has become too large of a task!

With our new systems in place, we will no longer be able to enter your delivery instructions on your behalf.

But now you can take more control over your delivery by letting the courier service know directly!

There are several ways to do this. With DPD or EVRi you may use the app to input delivery information or select an option via the text/email you receive from the courier.

Select one of the options provided and include any other additional information that may be useful.

We're excited to implement these changes as part of our next chapter at,

and are pleased to be able to provide you with more options and more perks to your shopping experience!

The VeggiePets Team x